Open Source DBA Ethos

I’m in Santa Clara at the Percona Live Conference and Expo.  I have been here less than 24 hours, but I have already had conversations with many fellow DBAs, some that I have met and worked with before, and others whom I am meeting for the first time.  It has been three years since my last visit, but being here shows you that as an Open Source DBA, you’re in sort of a “big family” of like minded, top notch, professionals.

I am proud to be an open source DBA because of our apparent values, values you see in almost everyone when you come to an event like this.

Who are we as Open Source DBAs ?

  • We are system experts.  Open source DBAs know their operating system.  They are not only focused on the database.
  • We are developers.  We contribute to source code within our enterprises, and in many cases, in the community.  We create meaningful tools for our companies, and help solve problems inherent in “bleeding edge” technologies, making such technologies approachable in the enterprise.  We strive to bring continuous integration and seamless migration into places that are very difficult.
  • We move fast.  Open source DBAs, even in large enterprises, are always “moving the needle” towards higher performance, making changes as fast as our tools, our applications, and our organizations allow.
  • We strive for answers.  Open source DBAs are never satisfied by answers to (even old) questions in our technologies.  “One source of truth” is almost never the case.
  • We are collaborators.  We work together across team lines within our companies, and across companies in the community, to broaden our understanding.  We work across technologies to find the “best solution for the task”.
  • We are facilitators of change, not barriers to change.

The point of this article is that there is no such thing as “walls” around an open source DBA. I’m proud to be counted among the growing army of creative talent in the field, and proud to be counted among those who will always enjoy becoming a better, more educated, and more helpful resource.